we are auriel investments

Auriel Investments is a full service land development firm based in McAllen, TX. Our work spans a wide range, but it’s where we first started that makes our story ours. Auriel Investments’ first venture was as a mall tenant. While there we learned the dos and don’ts of being a landlord. In fact, this experience is the foundation for our client approach to commercial development.

In just 10 years, Auriel Investments has become one of the largest and most successful developers in South Texas. From a kiosk retailer, to and owner/developer of 7 robust shopping centers with more than 100 unique tenants, we truly understand this business.

design plaza/subdivision
develop the land
happy business/home owners

where we thrive

As a investment firm and land developer, we love building projects where everyone else says it's impossible.

Unique Designs

All of our buildings are unique and modern to help your business stand out in the retail crowd!

Custom Buildouts

If you have a specific buildout, we can help with your overall design and plan. We want you to succeed!

Friendly staff

Communication is key! We make it easy to reach our team with any questions about buildings or renting.